st I Don't Belong Here - Zak R. Dimitrov - Photographic Artist

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© Zak R. Dimitrov 2021

I Don't Belong Here

I moved to England in 2011 when I was 18. Most of my adult life I have lived here, spoken in English, interacted with English people and got accustomed to UK culture. The rift between home / abroad and here / there has become increasingly larger through the years to the point when I struggle to communicate with my parents and get culture shock when I go back “home”. I started taking images during the two or three weeks per year when I’m in Bulgaria to remind myself where I come from and what my roots are even though I never felt a sense of belonging.


Shutterhub Every Delight exhibition

Fleur and Arbor

Revolv Collective during Brighton Photo Fringe

Affordable fine art prints available on request.